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Brighton based folkpunk


Like everyone else, all our live shows are cancelled indefinitely. In the meantime, if you can download albums from our Bandcamp (everything is name your price so you can pay whatever you like) or buy any of our LPs or CDs it would be massively appreciated.

Also we've put this donate button up just in case you've enjoyed one of the live stream gigs and fancied putting something into the digital hat we're shamelessly passing around :-) 

Live stream gig donations

CDs - £6 each, 3 for £12 or all 6 for £20

If you'd like to buy any CDs, just click on buy it now as appropriate. If you'd like 3 for £12, click below and email me at beat_bedsit@yahoo.co.uk and let me know which ones. If you'd like all 7 for £24, that's below as well.

Any 3 Pog CDs for £12 (not including Beats and Biscuits)

All 9 Pog CDs for £36

Beats and Biscuits
(3 CDs, £12)


Waiting for
Dandelion Clocks


Sundials and


Little Trophies

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Between the

Station & the Sea


End of the

End of the Season.jpg

Finding Hope in

Unlikely Places


Dark Side of the Room

dark side.jpg

The Midweek

Birthday Club


LPs - as priced, or all 3 for £22

All 3 Pog LPs: £22

Little Trophies - £10

Front cover LP copy.jpg

Sundials &
Weathervanes - £9


Between the

Station & the Sea
(w/ 14 extra tracks) - £12

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